Reset PRO-Core Account Password

Before resetting your password, please consider these other possible reason why your login failed

  • You have not yet been set up to access PRO-Core. In this case, please contact a manager.
  • You are using PRO-Core with a non-PRO-Core password (e.g. Onyen), and your account has expired.

If you have a user account that was provisioned by PRO-Core, you may use this feature to reset the password.

Please note! If you are using your UNC Onyen or UNC Health Care ID to log in, you cannot change the password through PRO-Core. For example, for a UNC Onyen, please use Onyen Services to manage your password.

Unauthorized access to this system is prohibited. This is a University system intended for University purposes only.  The University reserves the right to monitor the use of this system as required to ensure its stability, availability, and security.

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